Our Services


Allison-Williams Company is a Minneapolis-based, FINRA member institutional investment banking firm in good standing. We serve privately owned businesses, private equity and debt funds, banks, financial institutions and family offices seeking to raise or invest capital. We are one of the oldest remaining independent investment banking firms in the United States, having been founded in 1919.

Our firm is staffed with professionals who have extensive education, experience and licensing. We add value to relationships in our ability to advise clients and facilitate value added transactions.

Capital Markets and Investment Banking Services

Our Capital Markets activities include the trading of private placement securities, mortgages and other loans and portfolios with institutions. Historically, we have traded billions of dollars of financial assets as principal and/or agent, and have relationships with hundreds of financial institutions and loan investors nationwide.

Our Investment Banking services include capital raising and M&A, focused on the lower middle market and sub-middle market privately owned companies. Our private placement capital raising activities include arranging debt, subordinated debt or equity capital from institutional and professional investors and lenders for companies or projects. Our typical capital raising transaction size range is about $3 million to $50 million, with a few transactions having been much larger. We have arranged hundreds of millions of dollars in private financings, and have relationships with numerous capital sources for all types of financing. We can also advise companies with development of financing strategies and run a process for execution of merger and acquisition or strategic joint ventures. We are industry generalists and have served companies in many sectors including commercial real estate, construction and development, community and commercial banking, manufacturing, industrial, business services, medical and information technology and entertainment.

Capital Markets Services – Secondary Market Trading of:

• Private Placement of Notes and Bonds
• Private Convertible Debt or Debt with Warrants
• Privately Placed Preferred Stock
• Real Estate Mortgages and Participations
• Secured and Unsecured Bank Debt Obligations
• Other Illiquid Securities

Investment Banking Services – Transaction Types

• M&A Representation – Sale of company or major business lines
• Financing for Management Buyouts
• Buyout of a Business Partner
• Growth Capital for Major New Initiatives
• Acquisition Financing
• Recapitalization – Partial Sale or Refinance of Owner’s Equity
• Real Estate Mortgages, Including Bridge, Improvement and Repositioning
• Structuring and Identifying Partners for Joint Ventures