Allison-Williams Company Celebrating 100 Years of Client Service!

Allison-Williams Company is a Minneapolis-based, FINRA member institutional investment banking firm.

We serve financial institutions, investors and companies seeking to raise or invest capital across the United States and internationally. We are the oldest independent investment banking firm in the Upper Midwest. See FINRA at

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We take care of our customers and our customers take care of us."

Robert Tengdin, Chairman, Emeritus, Allison-Williams Company

We provide Capital Markets and Investment Banking Services

Capital Markets Services – Secondary Market Trading of:

  • Private Placement of Notes and Bonds
  • Private Convertible Debt or Debt with Warrants
  • Privately Placed Preferred Stock
  • Real Estate Mortgages and Participations
  • Secured and Unsecured Bank Debt Obligations
  • Other Illiquid Securities

Investment Banking Services – Transaction Types:

  • M&A Representation – Sale of company or major business lines
  • Financing for Management Buyouts
  • Buyout of a business partner
  • Growth Capital for major new initiatives
  • Acquisition Financing
  • Recapitalization – Partial Sale or Refinance of Owner’s Equity
  • Real Estate Mortgages, including property improvement and repositioning
  • Structuring and Identifying Partners for Joint Ventures

Our Team

Robert T

Robert C. Tengdin
Chairman, emeritus

Greg Larson

Greg Larson
President and CEO


Roxanne McGuire
Executive Vice President

David T

David C. Tengdin
Senior Vice President

patrick ryan

Patrick Ryan
General Counsel and Treasurer

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